Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Victims of Desire by Ram Mishra

I happen to return to my blog after a long time but this is more for a good friend Ram who has achieved a remarkable milestone in life. Today he became an integral part of very rich and eminent club by penning his imagination into a wonderful book - The Victims of Desire.

The book is available @ http://pothi.com/pothi/book/ram-mishra-victims-desire

Happy Reading :)

A man’s desires are like ripples on water, they never cease to enlarge.

In the year 1808, a precious 280 carat diamond gets stolen from an ancient Kali temple in Rajasthan, India. Two Hundred years later, in the year 2008, the diamond resurfaces in Australia. The Diamond is presently worth a staggering Ten Million Dollars. It is currently owned by a cunning millionaire, Alexander Fox, the powerful owner of Fox Ammunitions Inc, one of the biggest weapons manufacturing company in Australia.

Fox has kept the diamond in his ancestral mansion in Dubbo, Australia, where the diamond lies in a safety vault placed inside a secret underground room which is secured by a centralized computer security system and is constantly guarded by armed security guards. To steal the diamond from Fox’s ancestral mansion, KK Raina, assembles a team consisting of Ira Handrich, an amazingly beautiful computer hacker; Siddhanth Roy, an ex-Indian Air Force pilot, simultaneously battling the global economic downturn and fate to save his dying daughter; Harry D’Cruz, a brilliant safe cracker whose dreams were shattered during the 26/11 terrorist attacks in India; and Karan Singh, the inside man. The team travels to Australia in order to pull off the heist. The scene is set for an extraordinary adventure which elicits everyone’s obscurest desires.

Copyright Registered © 2009 by Ram Mishra.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cricinfo Live!!

An easy way to stay updated with the latest scores.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winds of Change

Its been well over 6 months into my MBA, a lot has changed since I moved out of Pune but come November I noticed the real change. For past few years November used to be reserved for my long vacation and of course my routine CAT preparations. And not being amidst the lakhs of students who gave CAT today was a big change for me. For a moment I couldn't believe that it was almost a year since I attempted those intriguing Data Interpretation (DI) questions, subtle Problem Solving (PS), cumbersome Reading Comprehension (RC) and of course enigmatic Verbal Ability (VA) questions.

I miss those early Sunday ***CATs (mock CATs) where week after week the paper would change but the conversation I would have with my friend would invariably remain the same. Every year the challenge for me would keep changing like a revolving door. If it was PS one year, then next year might be DI or VA or might be my self belief but RC would always pose difficult questions to me. Now all that's history!!

A lot of things have changed around me. CAT is no longer my priority, George Bush is no longer President of US of A, Australia are no longer invincible, investment banks no longer exist and an MBAs are no longer the most sought after resources :D Period!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

'Connected Indians'

Browsing through the news articles today I came across this exciting article.

domain-b.com : Intel initiates ''connected Indians'' campaign; launches Atom-based Netbooks for Rs5,000

'Connected Indians' is an excellent drive by Intel to produce desktops in India at a cost as low as Rs. 5000 ($125). IT has revolutionised India in the last decade. IT made the world notice the the vibrancy of an Indian mind. Even though IT contributes around 5% to India's GDP but it has contributed immensely to the intangible gains. IT has brought about drastic change in perception about India and Indian products. After the Green and Milk revolution its the IT revolutions which has impacted lifestyle of Indian middle class the most. This news can shake up the Indian middle class and bring about about an economic and social change in lives of millions of Indians.

Intel along with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can dig deep into a cost sensitive Indian market and look for deeper penetration. There are around 3 million broadband users in the country. With state owned giant BSNL set to go public and get listed to raise money to expand its network and services this comes as an excellent development. We can expect much wider broadband reach. The telecom companies can give the necessary infrastructure (broadband, GPRS, Edge, 3G). The low cost desktops will create an excellent market for the telecom operators like BSNL, Tata teleservices, Tata Communication, Reliance Communication and Bharti Airtel. The two fastest growing sectors of Indian economy can drive the Indian success story for the next decade. This can be an era of low cost connectivity will create a competitive environment by bringing down implementation costs of projects across different sectors. There would be more stories like e-choupals in the country, bring down cost of financing/micro-financing. Business models like Rang De can thrive in an era of high connectivity and deep IT penetration. 'Connected Indians' will have a huge impact on education and will give India an advantage by helping provide a skilled human capital.

With forums like The Manufacturers' Association for Information Technology (MAIT), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) and the WiMax Forum endorsing 'Connected Indians' and further support from NIIT, Google, Reliance Communications, Croma and Tata Indicom, 'Connected Indians' is set to redefine business and commerce in India.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Contra - This is one game I was so passionate about when I was a kid. This used to be the dangling carrot my mom used so effectively during my younger days to make me study :) Below is the link for the game from Konami


Enjoy the game!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

SWIM @ Greatlakes

We are hosting an exclusive event - SWIM (Successful Women in Management) to identify and promote Women who have the traits to assume leadership roles in management. This is an initiative by the students of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

This year we are having Ms. Anu Aga, former Chairperson of Thermax as the chief guest. Padmasri Sudha Raghunathan, Noted Carnatic Vocalist, Ms. Hemu Ramaiah, Founder of Landmark and Ms. Mrudula Bharat Ram, Sundaram Textiles, Madurai would be the Keynote speakers.The theme of this years event is "Women as Trailblazers: Dreaming, Exploring and Discovering new horizons".

The event would have a panel discussion on - "Educated, intelligent, energetic and just in her 40's – Can she still pursue her career dreams?" The elite panel includes Ms. Pushpa Kandaswamy, Ms. Indra Subramanyam, Ms. Lalitha Maheswaran and Ms. Sharda. The discussion will be moderated by Mr. T. N. Seshan, former CEC.

The event will culminate with the finals of inter B-School and Corporate quiz Les Quizerables to be hosted by Mr. Vinod Ganesh. For more details about the event click here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The First Breakthrough

I have just crossed the first step in pursuit of my MBA. We have just finished with our first terms (if I clear all the subjects) The past 6 weeks have been very hectic to say the least. There has been a drastic change in my lifestyle.

It all started with the hunting for house in Srinagar Colony. This colony is said to be located in better part of Chennai and is a posh colony. But as I went around the colony I was disappointed that a posh and developed colony lacked basic infrastructure necessary to derive its true status. Nevertheless, the landlords in the city didn't disappoint. They are the same anywhere in India at least. As soon as they see a bachelor, they visualise them as a hen giving golden eggs (thanks to the middle class upliftment in India - though I am also one of the beneficiaries.) After much struggle finally we found a house to stay though with few restrictions.

Now our energy was focused on college, activities and of course on the wonderful outdoor we had. We went to Green Coconut - a resort of ECR road. It gave a all of us a wonderful opportunity to interact with our batch mates and break the ice. I never realised how those two days passed by in games, fun-filled activities, visits to beach, swimming, music and last but not the least - Salsa. Keshav and Mantra (the Event Management company) created magic in those two days through various activities.

The fun was not to end here. The convocation ceremony of Jaycees (our seniors) was a event which was unfortunately marred by a controversy. There were some objectionable script in the skit which created a controversy which potentially could have derailed our career and aspirations. But that simmered and cooled off amicably thanks to the maturity shown by all the stake holders. I sensed I had just seen my first lessons of management even before classes had begun.

The initial classes were fun. I thought they were fillers used as build up to a hectic schedule. 165 students packed inside a room and studying some statistics (most of us were interested in collecting some other statistics though ;) and addressing lectures from our Dean Dr. Bala V. Balachandran, our management and interaction with our seniors (which was very limited). The Seniors even made Bakra out of few of the Champions (our batch). Great Lakes being a student run B-School expects each student to be part of some committee and handle the responsibilities associated with that committee. Few committees were thrust on some students who were felt cornered and aroused a fierce debate regarding the selection, only to find that they had been fooled.

Later when the committees were selected with most of the students able to work in their desired committees with of course some exceptions. The most sought committees like Placement Committee and Branding Committee disappointed many (Yours truly being one of those) but that's how life is. Fair to some unfair to others!!

There was more discontent withing students of our batch regarding further distribution into 3 different section which I felt was very childish and immature to expect from potential managers. Our first tryst with a real MBA class was a Psychology class. We had heard a lot from our seniors and the class lived to its expectation. A new subject which challenged many of our beliefs and knowledge. It made us think a lot about many facets of life. There were other subjects as well which I don't want to dwell much upon as I don't to discuss about my learning here with the exception of Chinese. The schedule and assignments demanded lots of sleepless nights and lots of research (read cut, copy, paste) Chinese came in as a subject where I could have fun while learning as I found the language funny. The language is more like a song but very confusing. Chinese had a part in providing those lighter moments in an otherwise tough schedule.

I can't forget the trip to Elliot's Beach where Mohit, Ashwin and I were trying to make sense of a trip to beach at 9 in the night. We rounded that evening with a very good dinner at Beasant Nagar. Another memorable evening was the IPL match which we (Ashwin, Murli, Bunty and I) witnessed at Chepauk. It was a match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab which the home team won. The atmosphere was electrifying. Those 4 hours of good quality cricket were fun filled. A nice day off.

IPL almost created rift among my roommates with each supporting a different team and cricket which arouses great passion in Indians, I spent many nights arguing on the sport and sportsman who drive India. The discussions (as most discussions are) went nowhere and the approaching exams provided the necessary force to abate our discussions and concentrate on out subjects.

The exams gave me really tough time as I found hard to manage my time between exams, assignments and other activities. The situation became more difficult to handle with two exams being scheduled in a day. The exam schedule was eased to some extent with the intervention of students and Students' Council (committee which is supposed to be interface between students and college management). But again exertion, tiredness and sleep (which always came at the wrong time) made sure that I carried the same feeling which I have at the end of most of the exmas - "Yaar!! Thoda time aur mil jaata to yeh paper crack kar leta!!"

Today my first terms have ended and I have a 1 day looooooong break. Frankly speaking having the exams out of the way gave me the same feeling of coming out of an appraisal interview. An unnecessary exercise for which you don't have an option to opt out. In a rigorous 1 year schedule I am not sure how the concept of examinations would help the institute apart from achieving some administrative goals and formal process of conducting an exam just for the sake of it. I would rather like continuous evaluations (quizzes, mid terms) which would be meaningful and effective. But again few things are beyond my control. I feel happy that exams are out of my way and I have theoretically completed 1/8th or 12.5% of my MBA. I am going for a movie today (Sarkaar Raj) and expect to put up a better performance in further terms. At least I can plan things better.